Muslim Student Association
The Emory Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a religious, social, cultural and educational organization that facilitates the practice of Islam in the Emory Community. The MSA offers lectures on Islamic topics, inter-faith dialogue programs, community service events, Friday prayers, and social activities. The MSA also conducts regular student discussions, Quranic studies, and bi-weekly meetings. For more information please contact MSA President Fariha Ahmed.

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Halal meals are served Fridays at Cannon Chapel. Reserve meals through Wednesday at 5 p.m. for the upcoming Friday.

The Emory Muslim Service Award
The Emory Muslim Service Award was established in 1999 by the Association of Emory Muslim Alumni through the support of dedicated Muslim Alumni, the Office of the Dean of Chapel and Religious Life, and the Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies. From 1999 to 2012, the Award was administered as The Haider Shamsi Award for Islamic Studies as a legacy to highlight the example set by Dr. Haider Shamsi, a dedicated servant to the American-Muslim community and an advocate of Islam and Islamic education.  In 2012, this Award was renamed by Emory Muslim Alumni and the endowment relocated to and anchored in the Office of the Dean of Chapel and Religious Life. This move made the Award available to all students at Emory University, regardless of age, faith, gender or denomination, who share Islam’s commitment to community service. The Emory Muslim Service Award seeks to advance and highlight the Islamic value of providing service to the community. The Emory Muslim Service Award is an annual recognition highlighting the individual who displays outstanding social contribution through service to the community.

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Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam Inc.
560 Fayetteville Rd., SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

Community Masjid West End
547 West End Place
Atlanta, GA 30310

Al-Farooq Masjid
424 14th Street
Atlanta, GA 30318
404.874.7521 or 404.892.9104