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The Journeys Program


The Journeys Program is an inter-religious program that gives members of the Emory community the opportunity to cultivate relationships of partnership, service and friendship with communities around the world. These immersion experiences examine root causes of conflict, tensions and struggle in various parts of the world. By visiting these communities and supporting their work of reconciliation, we open ourselves to possibilities for understanding, affirmation, hope and healing.

The Program

In March and May of each  year, The Journeys Program sponsors service and learning experiences for Emory students, staff, and faculty. For each experience, the program seeks a diverse group, drawing from Emory's rich diversity; its thirty recognized religious groups; its significant non-religious population; and its various academic disciplines and professional schools.

The program invites participants to encounter the world's complexities, to hear stories of pain, liberation, hope and healing and to seek wisdom outside university walls. Participants build relationships with host communities in varying ways. In some settings, we are asked to contribute to a service project, and we do so gladly. In other settings, service work carries the taint of paternalism, even colonialism, so we focus exclusively on conversation and collaborative analysis with our hosts. Trip leaders, in consultation with our hosts, help determine the best ways to foster mutual, lasting respect and goodwill. For more information contact Program Director, Cynthia Shaw (404-727-4148) or Office of Religious Life Administrative Assistant, Ivan Maddox (404-727-6225).

Previous Journeys

The Journeys program has traveled to international and domestic sites. Since 1999, the sites visited have included Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta, Montana, Texas/Mexico border, New Orleans, Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, Cuba, the Middle East, Bosnia-Herzegovina, India, South Africa and the Middle East

Photos of Cuban Journey 2013 and South African Journey 2014

Photos of Northern Ireland Journey, May 2011

Photos of Cuba Journey, May 2009

Photos of South Africa Journey, May 2006

Photos of Bolivia Journey, May 2001

Haemin Lee on the Northern Irelsnd Journey, May 2011

Heather Cripps Williams on the Northern Ireland Journey, May 2001

Lauren Cogswell on the Bolivia Journey, May 2001

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How to apply for a Journeys of Reconciliation trip:

Information about future trips and applications for upcoming journeys are available from the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life, room 316 Cannon Chapel or room E226 Dobbs University Center (DUC) on the Atlanta campus. Applications are also available at the Oxford College Chaplain's Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.

Upcoming Journeys

Details and applications for upcoming journeys will be available from the Oxford College Chaplain's Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Center, and from the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life in 316 Cannon Chapel or E226 Dobbs University Center (DUC) on the Atlanta campus.

Make a Gift to the Journeys Program

The Journeys trips are self-funded by the participants. If you would like to help a student have this experience, please make a gift to the Journeys Program by clicking on the link above.