Ramadan at Emory

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim year, in which observing Muslims fast from all food and drink from sunrise to sunset. The observance of Ramadan commemorates when Allah gave the Prophet Muhammad the first chapters of the Qur'an. This holy time has come to represent the values of unity, celebration, reflection, and personal and communal growth. This year, the sacred month of Ramadan is expected to be observed from April 23-May 23, 2020. (These days could potentially shift one day based on the sighting of the moon.)

Students are asked to notify their faculty members if they will need academic accommodation for religious observance, and faculty are asked to develop reasonable accommodations for students to observe. If support is needed, students and faculty may contact their academic deans or the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life (OSRL). The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life encourages the Emory community to be aware of students, faculty, staff, and other community members who will be observing Ramadan. In 2020, Ramadan can overlap with classes, final exams, and Commencement, as well as other university events. 

In addition, the Emory community will be celebrating Ramadan by hosting Iftar Prayers and Dinners. Details TBA. For more information on iftars at Emory for this upcoming year, please return to this page after Spring Break, or contact Emory University Muslim Religious Life Scholar Dr. Isam Vaid at isam.vaid@emory.edu.

More information on Iftars, Breakfast Boxes, Commencement accommodations, and academic accommodations will be added to this page after spring break. 

For questions, please contact religiouslife@emory.edu.