Interfaith Zone Workshops

This program is under development and is expected to be available starting Spring 2023.

Emory Interfaith Zone Trainings are a series of workshops intended to introduce members of the Emory community to the university as a diverse religious and philosophical community and to establish the values by which we seek to shape a university community marked by religious and philosophical pluralism.

United Methodist scholar and Harvard Professor Diana L. Eck diffentiates "diversity" and "pluralism," defining religious pluralism as being active engagement, the seeking of understanding, and deep encounters of commitments. Diversity is a fact, but pluralism is an achievement. Pluralism is not tolerance or relativism, but invites us to hold our deepest differences in respectful relationship.

The goal of Interfaith Zone is to build a diverse campus community in which people can both live their own religious and philosophical identities and understand, respectfully engage with, and learn from those of others.

Foundational Content:

  • reflecting on one's personal experiences with faith and spirituality,
  • examining the global, local, and campus context for various religious and philosophical traditions represented at Emory, and
  • discussing tips for creating a safe and welcoming environment for religious and philosophical diversity in one's area of Emory

Learning Outcomes:

1. Gain an understanding of the religious and philosophical demographics of Emory

2. Learn about the concept of religious and philosophical pluralism

3. Learn about the resources for spiritual and interfaith life at Emory

4. Learn ways to create a healthy campus climate for religious and philosophical diversity

Participants who complete Interfaith Zone will be eligible for an interfaith leadership certificate.

In addition, ORSL chaplains and staff welcome the opportunity to offer other workshops as requested on other special topics (e.g., religious holidays and seasons, religious diversity in healthcare, etc.) and can also refer campus units to trusted trainers beyond the university.

For more information or to schedule a training, please contact

The "Faith Zone" concept is drawn on trainings developed by the NYU Office of Global Spiritual Life.