OSRL Chaplaincy Interns

OSRL Chaplaincy Interns and Residents 2022-2023

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Kamilah Jones

Contextual Education Student

Email: kamilah.jones@emory.edu

Hello, my name is Kamilah Aminah Jones, and I’m an MDiv Candidate at the Candler School of Theology (c' 2024). I’m a 1st generation Jamaican American woman born and raised in San Francisco, California. My maternal family immigrated from the beautiful island of Jamaica, and my paternal family migrated from the vibrant city of New Orleans. I’ve always embraced the richness of my cultural heritage and family history, which has significantly contributed to my ongoing faith journey. Faith, music, education, and service are some of our cherished family values.

 I’ve been honored to serve within the mental health field as a psychotherapist and provide case management, crisis intervention, and supportive services as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with a Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work. I’ve enjoyed research, teaching, advocacy, and providing clinical services. I have a great passion for promoting safety and well-being, advocating against interpersonal violence, and empowering others to their greatest potential.

 My divine purpose is grounded in love, unity, and peace. I’m a life learner with endless curiosity as a truth seeker. I love and embrace the gift of diversity. I love the outdoors and spending time in nature (i.e., mountains, beaches, parks); I love all visual, performing, and expressive art forms. And I enjoy baking and cooking for family and friends.

 I feel tremendously blessed to have the opportunity to be a Chaplain Intern through The Emory Office of Spiritual and Religious Life for the 2022-2023 academic year, and I look forward to meeting you and walking together on a sacred journey.

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Liz Martin

Ministerial Intern

Email: elizabeth.ann.martin@emory.edu

Hi, my name is Liz Martin, and in May 2022, I received my MDiv from Candler School of Theology. I love Emory too much to leave, so I am sticking around for another year completing my ministerial internship required for ordination here at the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life. I am a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, a sixth-generation Mormon (non-practicing), and an aspirant for Unitarian Universalist ministry. I feel that my calling in the world is to knit communities of supportive joy wherever I go, based in love and radical hospitality.

Leaving Utah and the West to come to Emory/Candler was a big life change for me, and these past three years here in Atlanta have been amazingly rich and fulfilling despite the pandemic! I’m grateful to be in such a warm and vibrant place with so many opportunities to explore for this new-to-the-South low-key adventurer via short road trips (one of my favorite hobbies).

I have a spouse, two young adult children, and a large extended family I love fiercely, and I am passionate about a lot of things, but especially about prison reform, comprehensive sexuality education, and vegan doughnuts. My favorite recreational activities are road trips and attending concerts, which makes the ATL a great home base! So glad to be here and looking forward to our paths crossing.