Graduate Spiritual Communities

Graduate Spiritual Communities Student Leaders and Websites Academic Year 2023-24
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President: Gabrielle Booth -

For more information, please contact Arianna Gómez López.

Contact Shawn Ren for more info.


Check with Simon Akhnoukh for more info.

Contact Colin Emerson for more info.


Emory Graduate Christian Fellowship is a grad student community experiencing Gods grace through Jesus and inviting people from all programs and cultures at Emory to join us in following Him. We seek to bless the university and to grow in love for God and neighbor through practices of spiritual formation; integration of our faith, studies and work; and proclaimation of the good news about Jesus in word and deed. All are welcome! Graduate Christian Fellowship is affililated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. For more information FB Glenn Goldsmith, e-mail him at, or call 404-488-6413.

View Fall 2020 Orientation Video Here

Campus Minister: Glenn Goldsmith -


The Emory Graduate Muslim Student Council (GMSC) is an interschool level religious, educational, cultural and professional organization. The goal is to create a sense of community amongst the graduate Muslim students, faculty, and staff and create an environment in which that community is comfortable and able to conform to and practice Islam. We host monthly game nights, community iftars, and many more fun events for our community and we'd love to have you join us.

To contact the organization, click here.

Contact LoAnn Nguyen for more info on how to get involved.