Religious Life Affiliates


In addition to OSRL's staff chaplains, the Dean of Religious Life authorizes a limited number of local religious organizations to present Religious Life Affiliates (RLAs) to work with the campus and support OSRL's work with Jewish and Christian communities.

Religious Life Affiliates support members of their denominations on campus and work collaboratively with OSRL to extend ecumenical and interfaith engagement. The Dean of Religious Life meets with Religious Life Affiliates at least monthly to provide guidance and support and to foster mutual learning, understanding, and engagement.

These meetings involve updates from the university, ongoing professional education and development, and opportunities for RLAs to share knowledge, ask questions, and build community. They also provide a channel for the RLAs to offer input into OSRL initiatives and to connect with each other for occasional programming.

Approximately fifteen (15) affiliated organizations are authorized to support Jewish and Christian denominations on campus. These organizations commit to respect the religiously diverse character of the campus community and to promote interfaith cooperation.

Several of these affiliated organizations have established centers near campus (their addresses are listed below), and others may hold programs in Cannon Chapel and Emory's campus life spaces. They can be contacted through the Emory University Office of Spiritual and Religious Life in Cannon Chapel, Room 316.


Adventist Campus Ministry
Margot A. Bagley, 


Baptist Campus Ministry
Austin Prince, 


Bread Coffeehouse
Alicia Marshall,
Kyle Marshall, 
Bread Coffeehouse
1227 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


Campus Ministry International (United Pentecostal)
The Rev. Carlton Coon II,   


Catholic Campus Ministry
Father John Boll,
Michael Zauche, 
Victoria Schwartz, 
University Catholic Center at Emory
1753 North Decatur Road
Atlanta, GA 30307

Chabad at Emory
Rabbi Zalman Lipskier,
Chabad House
1526 N. Decatur Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Olivia Crum,


Grace House (Episcopal and Lutheran Campus Ministry)
The Rev. Andrew Rickel, 
Grace House
182 5th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30313


Hillel at Emory
Elliot Karp, 
Lauren Blasofsky, 
Taylor Baruchel, 
Marcus Hillel Center
735 Gatewood Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30322

Melody Falter (Undergraduate, Black, and Asian American Campus Ministries),
The Rev. Glenn Goldsmith (Graduate and Faculty Campus Ministries),
LoAnne Nguyen (International Student Ministry),


Korean Christian Association
The Rev. Hyun-Wook Shin,

MEOR at Emory
Rabbi Yaakov Fleshel,

Reformed University Fellowship (Presbyterian Church of America)
The Rev. Stephen Maginas,


Ukirk Atlanta (Presbyterian Church (USA) Campus Ministry)
The Rev. Sarah Hooker,


United Methodist Campus Ministry (Glenn Memorial Church)
The Rev. Brent Huckaby,   
Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church
1660 North Decatur Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30307